Hello! Hallo! Bonjour!

Thank you for stopping by asliceofelle.com. My name is Arielle but you can call me Elle. I am a Belgian-Ghanaian food and lifestyle blogger living and studying in London, UK. I am an avid foodie and you’ll either find me throwing it down in the kitchen or eating out and having a few cocktails with my family and friends.

Apart from food, I’ve caught a serious case of wanderlust and you’ll find me browsing through various travel sites, wishing I could save up these coins to buy a one-way ticket to travel the world. However, that dream is expensive and your girl has responsibilities so I have to stick with the odd getaway here and there for now.

So what is  A Slice of Elle,  ?

After several blogging mishaps, soul searching and trying to find my place in this blogosphere A Slice of Elle was born . Now its here, I am back, I am better and for good!

This blog is a food and lifestyle blog and in terms of food you can find many of my seasonal mouth watering recipes straight from my kitchen. I believe EVERYONE can cook and hearing the phrases “I cant cook” or “cooking is hard” is a real no no for me. After all A Slice of Elle is here, to teach even the most novice home cooks how to make hearty and at times healthy delicious food.

The lifestyle category is dedicated to all things life and here you can keep up to date with me as I share the slices of my life and the ramblings of my mind. Whether it be a post on about hair and beauty, travel, things that I am loving and not loving, or general words of wisdom. Just make sure not to miss a post !

I hope you do stay around and keep reading.

Elle x